Parahita Craft

Parahita Craft

a business development service for small producers

Parahita Craft

Parahita Craft was established and supported by Parahita Foundation and The Center of Gender Research and Study (now: The Center for Gender and Child Study) of Satya Wacana Christian University (PSGA-UKSW).

Founded in 2000, Parahita Foundation focuses its activities on empowering underprivileged citizens through productive economic activities.

Artisan Profile

Get to know the people behind the Batik Craft. their struggle with business management, handling material and selling products.

The Products

Tap into the story of this Indonesian Fine Art, rooted from traditional culture. Find out how they were made and developed.

Competence Grant

A Transformation model of The Putting-out System: Enhancing the Industry’s Competitive Advantage, Empowering and Protecting The Home-workers in Gender Perspective.